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Safe Routes To School


The Village of Hempstead has been awarded Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT). Safe Routes to School is a federal, state and local effort to enable and encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bike to school safely. The goal of this program is to make safety the number one priority for our students and residents.


The Village of Hempstead and NYS DOT are partnering with the Hempstead Boys and Girls Club, the Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School, the Jackson Elementary School and the David Paterson Elementary School to create an environment of safety for the students and the parents. The Safe Routes to School program includes engineering, enforcement, education, and encouragement.


The Hempstead Boys and Girls Club have created and implemented a safety program in the elementary school for the students. In collaboration with the CDA, they also held a summer camp where students were taught how to cross the street, walk home, and ride home safely. They also visited places throughout Nassau County such as parks, the African American Museum, and other locations where they were able to practice what they learned.

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