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MWBE Initiatives


MWBE/Section 3 Business Concern Initiative

The CDA is launching a comprehensive program to identify and engage Minority and/or Women-Owned as well as economically disadvantaged business enterprises (as qualified under HUD Section 3) interested in pursuing government-funded contracting opportunities.

Doing Business in Hempstead

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Village of Hempstead Business Steps

All new businesses must file with the Pre-Submission/Planning Board, Building Department and the Business License Bureau.

Long Island Ascend



J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation: Ascend 2020

The Incorporated Village of Hempstead has been selected as one of four “majority-minority” communities on Long Island to be the focus of a $100,000.00 planning grant to help support minority entrepreneurs. The Long Island Ascend program will be run by Hofstra’s National Center for Suburban Studies to support small business expansion in suburban communities where Hofstra’s research shows a growing number of immigrants and displaced city residents now live. 


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