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The Village of Hempstead is one of 16 communities in New York State chosen to be part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI).


ESPRI’s main goal is to promote community-led change through a task force of individuals impacted by or living in poverty, various services and organizations, county and state governments, public safety officials, and other entities for women, young workers and other populations that face significant barriers to career advancements.

The median estimated household income for the population of the Village of Hempstead is $58,476. Approximately 20% of the Village’s 55,255 residents are living under the poverty line, according to the Census Bureau. United Way estimates that a household in Nassau County with two adults and two young children needs to earn an average of $80,940 per year to afford life’s necessities. This gap in income highlights the great necessity for ESPRI within the Village of Hempstead.

ESPRI has developed several committees that are working together to address the underlying causes of poverty within the community, including education and child development, workforce development, the justice system, and health and wellness. ESPRI promotes coordinated access by connecting people to the resources they need to attain higher education, obtain job training and achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Funding for ESPRI is provided by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance through a contract with a not-for-profit organization designated by the Village United Way of Long Island’s has been selected as lead organization in this effort.

Hempstead ESPRI workforce initiatives support strategies that meet businesses’ short-term workforce needs, address long term industry needs, improve regional talent pipelines, enhance flexibility and adaptability of local workforce entities

Employer driven skills programs, such as OSHA are aimed directly at employer needs, for both new and existing workers. The workforce solutions programs are aimed at building regional workforce ecosystems, with a focus on collaboration and deep industry engagement.



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