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Home Energy assistance
program (heap)

  • Helps income eligible people pay the cost of heating their homes

  • *Senior Citizens* Nassau County phone: (516) 227-7386

  • Emergency Nassau County phone: (516) 227-1482        

  • Nassau County phone: (516) 565-4327

  • Website:

  • In Person: Nassau County Department of Social Services Uniondale,   60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd - Phone:(516) 227-8519​

Heap Resources for non-citizens

NYS HEAP cooling assistance component (CAC)

  • Provides for the purchase and installation of air conditioners or fans for individuals with documented medical condition that is exacerbated by extreme heat.

Contact Consumer Advocates for more information.

nys heap heating equipment
repair/ replacement benefit (herr)

Nassau County HEAP Office


Phone: (516) 565-4327

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